Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Excerpted from our Tuesday Newsletter...which went out a bit late...

Happy rainy Tuesday. Actually, if you are reading this and are NOT in North Carolina, you may not be enjoying a rainy day. If so, I am sorry for you. I love a warm rainy day, especially when I have a lot to do. 

Usually I write to you earlier in the day, but this week, with the Raleigh store closed and rain looming over the trees, I decided to switch things up a bit. I took the dogs for a long morning walk and marvelled at the spring we've had. I say 'had' because I noticed that the mulberry trees were dropping berries already. In my Ohio-girl mind, that's a summer thing. Even after 20+ years in the South, I still marvel over the 'early' strawberries every year and the mulberries that fall before school lets out. My child-inside had to pick a few mulberries off a low branch and taste them. So few trees have flavorful berries, and I can't seem to remember, year-to-year, which ones will be delicious. The ones I tried were not. They stained my fingers anyway!

The rain is enjoyable today because I am working on some new jewelry designs for our revamped website, ornamentea.com. Don't tell anyone, but we are doing a soft opening NOW. Well, today. Soon. Right now I just clicked on the link above and it was the same-old site, but any second now it will switch...yes, I might be obsessively clicking it!

This weekend is both the fabulous ArtSplosure festival AND Pop-Up Raleigh. If it's rainy, don't forget that Pop-Up now includes LOTS of indoor vendor spaces. This weekend we'll be starting our Pop-Up Decal Game. This is a fun way to help us spread the word about Pop-Up AND for you to win some cool stuff. Decals will be available for sale at Pop-Up, but if you are super-speedy you can score a free one at Deco Raleigh on Hargett Street. I'll be dropping a few off on Wednesday around lunch time. Just pop in and say 'I love Pop-Up!' and ask for your decal. We have both big, car-sized decals and petit bike helmet-sized decals! You WILL want one because you need a decal to play along! 

Did you sign up for my 'new list' this last week? if so, you'll be getting an email from me with 6 free copies of some of my most-popular paid tutorials. I had set the deadline to the 15th (Sunday) but I've been distracted with mulberry tastings. If you sign up by tomorrow, you can still get the free projects! 

Yes, you can forward this to a friend who would like their own copies of the tutorials!
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