Saturday, September 02, 2006

minimal clutter

Today was really lovely. Not hot, sunny and everything had that clean look with all the summer dust washed off and the leaves all sparkly. The plants are greener than they have been in weeks. They got all waxy and yellow brown but the rain refreshed them.

The newness of the air outside got me really going this morning and I was charged up with the weather and just went crazy cleaning and tidying the house. Our house is small and with all of us in it clutter just piles up. We have all these baskets everywhere which daughter #1 fills with dolls and toys and books and they 'sort of' keep the clutter contained but it is still just there, contained but still piled in all chock-a-block. I don't understand how people can live with minimal stuff. I am highly interested in the idea of clean minimalism, it intrigues me in theory. In reality, though, I am too possessive. I really get off on finding that weird bit of a broken doll or an old box of ribbon (still has the label! from 1938!) I love to look at those glossy magazines that feature clean rooms where all the books have matching book covers and the floors are all glossy and smooth and empty. Then I look back at my full-full-full shelves piled all every which way with books and interesting rocks and that weird shell sculpture stuff I keep buying at the flea market and I just have to sigh, close the magazine and rearrange it.