Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Two hours of work

Ahh, had a good day today. We all slept in, but miraculously everyone got off to work and school with no tears. I didn't even cry when spit up got on my skirt. I put in a good 2 hours at work and then came home and did a whirlwind tidy on the house and cooked up a lentil/rice/spinach casserole that was way better than it should have been. We were hosts to our family supper club tonight, which means 4 families with 8 adults and 8 children 5 and under. Every single toy in the house was out and about and every plate, fork and drinking glass got a workout as well. Now, via some miracle that can only be properly called 'my husband' the kitchen is mostly clean and the toys are mostly put away. Nice!

It would be good to put in more than 2 hours at work. Actually, I should be working now. For pete's sake, Christmas is coming! And I don't mean that in the 'gee, I have a bunch of gifts to wrap' way or 'gee, my favorite holiday is coming' way. I mean it in a strictly 'gee, we need to get ready for the busy season' way. Every year, I feel the whole end of year shenanigans coming at me like a big snowball rolling down a steep hill. We have all these events we plan and all these activities and they all manage to pile up until there isn't one single weekend not filled to the brim with something. I know it might be too much. It wears me out and makes my calendar look like a big scribble. But there is always the fear of the independent retailer; I am not doing enough. Gotta keep trying.

That's why I was at work for 2 WHOLE HOURS today. Really pushing it, you know. Tomorrow it will be longer, probably about 4 hours, 2 or so without baby. I have to interview 2 potential new floor staff and have a meeting about book reorders. The book meeting will be fun, I like books. The interviews, hmm. Well, if the folks are decent they will be fun, if they are like most of the folks we interview, it won't.