Thursday, October 19, 2006

smells good

Ok, today I was out and about and I stopped in to Luxe and bought myself some perfume. was a major spurge and is sooo nice. I generally smell like nothing which is good because the alternative is spit up. Now I smell like, um, pink flowers? Gee, I don't exactly know what this one is supposed to smell like but damn, it's good. In an attempt to feel a bit less 'it's all about me' I went into the children's store next door and spent a few moments looking at boots - which Cleo does need.
The whole reason I was at the shopping center to begin with was that I WASHED MY PHONE! Yes, the pink razor is no more! For once in my life I had a cute, trendy little electronic gizmo and then I went and put it in the spin cycle. For your information, Verizon will replace your phone (even if you don't have insurance) for just $50 if it stops working but not if there is water damage and yes, they can immediately tell it's water damaged. If it is water damaged then you have to pay full retail. So now I will be getting some old cast off phone from one of Galen's buddies (thank you!) It will not be pink and won't take pictures, I am sure. And it won't make me feel cool when I whip it out at the playground while wearing my spit-up covered, out of fashion clothes.
At least I will smell good.