Thursday, October 19, 2006

sucessful Thursday

Whew! That was quite a day. I went into work this morning for two hours (yahoo!) while Nora slept and played with dad. I finished some class samples for this next year's classes and will try to get the paperwork finished tonight so I can teach the classes. I haven't been teaching much for the past few years but I really want to get back into it. I enjoy teaching and always have a great time, it is just making the commitment. I will have to drag out the 2007 calendar and decide what weekends I will travel...hmm, planning, not usually a strong suit with me!

After I got back home it was time to pack lunch and pick up Cleo for a picnic at the playground. We strolled over and hung out at Fletcher Park. There were about 4 other mom and kid groups there while we were there which is some kind of record. I don't know why there aren't more children at Fletcher, even though there are just swings and a few sand toys the swings are the wonderful old fashioned kind that even adults can swing on. I even took a turn with Nora. Galen showed up with some paperwork for me to look over and sign and asked if I felt like an executive (being tracked down at the park!) but I didn't. It was nice to see him, though.

Late this afternoon I went back into work and left dad with both girls at a tricky time of day to look over some beads. One of the many bead gypsies who visit us was in town and wanted to show me some of his beads. I always try to see these folks at least once. You never know when one will be worth the trouble. These folks usually have nice beads and I did end up buying some nice glass beads. It is always tricky to know what to buy. I like to pick out odd shapes and have my favorite colors (red!brown!lime green!) but I have to buy other colors and shapes, too. The thing that is hard for me to spend money on is a basic, round, faceted bead. Yeah, I know they are useful and are great sellers and all, but gee, haven't we all seen that before? Instead I want to by an unusual shape and finish that I haven't seen before. That gets us a whole wall of beads but no plain black round bead, which make me feel like a complete dork when I am standing in the store trying to help some nice person who only wants a plain black round bead. That person does not want swirls or monkeys or even sheared face black ovals with a picasso finish. Nope, just plain black. Round. With a hole.

So I was sort of good, and only bought some weird monkeys and also some candy stripe butterflies I am not sure if I love or hate. All in all, a good day.