Friday, October 20, 2006

creating a space

Creating a retail store is like making a special type of environment. It is one part theater, one part home and one part utility. Or at least ours is. We have all the fancy displays that are held up with cello tape and fishing line but look amazing (that's the theater) and we have all the comforts of nice soap in the bathroom and comfy chairs in the classroom and we know your name (that's the home) and then we have the utility. The slatwall, the pegs, the spinner racks of books and magazines, the full color lighting, the POS system. The utility is very important, as that is where all the stuff is or at least how you get to all of the stuff. We try to minimize it as much as possible. We have made custom displays that don't look like we got them from a department store. We have distressed and wallpapered and trimmed department store displays so they don't look like we got them from a department store. We go for a Shabby Chic/Flea Market look as that is our budget and, frankly, also my taste. We still have slatwall, which I hate aesthetically but love 'cause it holds so much stuff.