Sunday, October 22, 2006

weekly tasks

So it's Sunday night and time for me to write my weekly email to the store customers. I sometimes procrastinate and do the whole thing on Mondays but I like to at least get the bones of it in order by Sunday nights. It is really my main job duty right now, since I am more-or-less on leave still with Nora. I try to be funny, which is hard sometimes, and I also try to make sure that I mention all the new items. I learned to do hyperlinks earlier this year and that has revolutionized the email, at least from my perspective. Now I really think that people can see what I am so excited about.

The funny thing about the email is that people read it who don't really ever come to the store. My friend's mom reads it and then forwards it to her daughter so she'll know what I am up to, including when I mention my friend in the email. My husband's aunt was reading it for a while and she's never been to Raleigh.

It's really a good thing for the store. People like to read about the new items and the upcoming classes and for some reason seem to enjoy my chattering. That's pretty lucky on my part, that people want to listen to me.

Anyway, enough procrastinating. I have to get it finished as I have a t.v. show I want to watch. Sunday night is my only t.v. night. The trashier the better.