Wednesday, October 11, 2006

this mess is a place

Today I am tackling the mess on my desk in the studio. It is layers deep and includes a pile that is 34" (thirty four inches) high of mail I have been ignoring. I measured it. It looks like a lot of mail but I have found that if you ignore unsolicited not-quite-junk mail long enough you can just drop it in the recycling pile without a bit of guilt. That information about the gift show you should be going to but don't want to (packing, flights, hotels,tight shoes, too much coffee, bad food, bleah!) for various reasons? Gee, that was last month so now you can just toss the registration packet. That solicitation to buy advertising in the program for the American Association of Cloggers annual meeting or the Dental Assistants of Wake County fundraiser that they want an auction item for? Hmm, those were last week. Good, throw those out too.

I have a cup of hot chocolate and am ready to tackle the pile!