Wednesday, October 11, 2006

At work...

Well, I was at work late last night
with Nora...again. She was at a class on Sunday night where she was a real sweetie, you would have never known that she doesn't care at all
about odd-count peyote, and then last night she was at Panopolie with me while I played with a group of friends.
We worked on books and she slept for a brief time under the table. Then they all took turns holding her while I frantically tacky-taped my book together. Here is a picture of her at Ornamentea sleeping on the couch. I think I was putting out new stock or something while she napped and the nap lasted
until her big sister decided to 'check' on her.

My mom was in town this weekend
and I stayed up late and made earrings one night with her. I think she would have liked to stay up late every night and make stuff but I was
exhausted. She is definitely where I get my tendency to craft. Oh, that might make a good book title, Tendency To Craft. What would that book be about? Projects? no, maybe just pictures of peoples studios, unfluffed, just all messy and busy. Anyway, the earrings were fun to make. I made five pairs in about an hour or so. I made all those earrings as I need some new ones since I was wearing the same old pair every day, but since then I have worn the same (new) pair every day.
What does this say about me?