Thursday, October 05, 2006

new business venture

I just went to the bathroom and while I was in there I was thrown into a funk as I leafed through a Pottery Barn catalog with the pages of home decorating porn. I mean, you start to think that you, too, can have a really organized home if you just order the $89 Catalina bath caddy. Why? Those aren't real houses. Then I realized I want to start a magazine. It would be a shelter magazine, you know, devoted to home and storage and chic closet organizers and all. The difference would be that instead of filling it with pre-planned photos we'd be a guerilla organization. We'd show up, unannounced, at people's homes and photo them with full trashcans and dirty socks on the coffee table and a messy sink. This would be both interesting in a celebrity-voyeur way ("hmm, did you know she likes to leave empty Starbucks cups on her bathroom counter, what is that, fifteen of those empty mocha lattes?") and interesting in a regular magazine way ("hmm, I like the red and orange towels, looks nice") so we'd get lots of readers.

Feel free to steal this idea, I am too busy to get it off the ground. Just make sure to give me the cover one month.