Thursday, October 05, 2006

too much to do

Arrgh. It has been ages since I posted. We've been busy and I have had minimal down time. Christmas is coming and we are getting all the holiday displays up in the stores. This year I really haven't had any opportunity to do any displays and I miss it. My available work time is so short that I can't really spend time 'playing' with rearranging the beads. I did go in last night to set up for a bead show we had at Ornamentea for about four hours. I took Nora and she just hung out on the floor, rolling around and making squealing noises. That won't last, a few months from now I won't be able to just plop her down and work nearby. Right now she is still amused by watching me as long as I talk about what I am doing. This means I narrate my activities which could be either funny or really annoying to adults who are listening. Nora is enthralled. She's my best audience.

Oh, an update on the hiring...I have interviewed almost ten people this last week and they were all pretty good. A few were really stellar and we'll probably hire them. Whew. It's been pretty tight with the schedule so now-hopefully-we can all breathe.