Wednesday, November 29, 2006

felty mania, the home game

Oh, I am having so much fun. I am making these small figures out of wire and then wrapping them in wool roving and felting it. These are so cool. So far I have made about 3, but I am working on my technique. I want to make them for my friends, you know, put little outfits on them and pose them in weird ways. I may also make them for Cleo, a whole family.
So today I am in the office with Nora and Jane asks me if I have tried the brush mat we have for the felt needles. I have been using the foam one, but with the brush mat you can use the springy felting needles. Oh, lordy. It is even easier. I felted a flower on Nora's hat right then and there. Yes, I took it off of her.