Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Mini Boden, why doest thou tempt me so?

Oh, I love these clothes. They are all so cute. They are exactly what I would want to wear if I were a four year old. Kinda fancy. No ironing required. Everything sort of matches in a hippy way.
Yeah, I know they have grown up gear and it is nice, but not the same. There's no chicken tee shirt with a printed corduroy twirly skirt, striped tights and purple boots. Which, considering how that might look on me is probably a good thing.

See, I have a big project due, some real work that needs to happen. And I am on-line browsing. I read an article about how this was a big week for on-line shopping and I guess it just made me think, gotta get some of that. So I am looking at fancy sweaters and googling children's toys and visiting the Camper shoes is procrastination in my jammies. Which, come to think of it, I could use some new ones...