Sunday, November 05, 2006

the mac is dead

It has been a while since I have posted here. Sorry. The mac is dead. Yep. For a while my problem was limited to a 'j' key that didn't work periodically but last week it died. The screen just went all cabana striped and that was that. I am going to try taking it to the mac store in Crabtree Mall and see if they can get my files off at least. I will not be buying a new computer. That means that Galen and I will have to share mac laptops for a while, which could be dicey. I like to use mine to write and do work. He uses his to do work and (often) to play music. We have a PC laptop (an IBM) that we can both use but we both don't enjoy it as much. We have to have it because our macs or should I say more accurately now, 'the' mac, doesn't interface with our POS (Point Of Sale) cash register system we use at the stores. We do need to get into the system from home occasionally. Galen does it to fix problems without having to go into to the office and I use it to check on inventory levels when deciding about orders, etc. Other than that, we both prefer the mac for the obvious reasons. Now, since Galen spent 7 years working for IBM that is a bit of a sacreligious statement, I guess, but we didn't buy my mac until after he left and then he got his a year later. I think he still feels a bit like a traitor!