Tuesday, December 12, 2006

family dinner

We had family dinner tonight. Our weekly family dinner group is composed of four families with young children (eight children under six and one more on the way) who get together weekly for dinner and play and conversation. We have been doing this for, um, let's see, just about two years. At first it was intimidating; think about having a dinner party for eight adults let alone eight adults and their children! But then when you realize that you get to skip making dinner on Tuesdays for three weeks as payment for your one night of recipe quadrupling-wahoo! It's a vegetarian meal and we all try to make something the kiddos will eat, so there's lots of edemame, and bread and butter, and cut up fruit and then we also try to make something the adults will eat up. I make soups a lot. One family does planned out meals with lots of involved crock pot cooking. We eat sitting on the floor, around tables in dining rooms and on porches. We have matching plates and fancy silverware or mis-matched cups and tye-dyed napkins.

We have a great time. I wish every night was Tuesday.

Yes, you should try this yourself.