Friday, December 15, 2006

sold out

So big sister told Santa (in NOVEMBER) that she wanted this unicorn doll in the Magic Cabin catalog. I ignored it, of course, as I didn't really want to spend $60 on a felt unicorn doll handmade in Latvia. Or $80 on the unicorn's felt fairy, handmade as well. No doubt they are lovely toys but generally, we are of the cheap nature when it comes to Christmas gifts. Not in quality, but in total $. The girls get a few small, needed items, generally not more than $40-50 total. O.k, last year big sister got a bike but we would have purchased her one in the spring anyway, so that actually saved us money. We do make a big deal out of Christmas, but mostly in the 'what can we do for others' way.

So I hoped that the wish for the unicorn and it's fairy rider would be forgotten and we could move on, but alas it was not. She still wants it, still believes that Santa (her Santa) will grant her wish. See, this was the first time she was brave enough to actually go up and talk to Santa. She has some expectations that the interaction with Santa will result in her finding a magic unicorn and fairy on Christmas morning.

It's sold out.


So Jane has convinced me to make a unicorn. I can do this. I may break down and order the (also sold out but will ship in January) fairy and write a note on the unicorn that says something like "take care of my unicorn for me, I will be coming when I am done helping Santa with all the presents-love, the Fairy." That should work, right? She's four. The only thing I need now is about four hours of interrupted time to make a unicorn doll. Geeze, I need some magic for that.