Monday, January 29, 2007

Iron Crafter II

Well, the Iron Crafter II is at Panopolie this weekend. Last time we had a blast, with secret ingredients and dry ice. It is a craft contest based on the Iron Chef idea. We have a secret ingredient that the crafters all have to use. They all have to make something fabulous in two hours that prominently features the secret ingredient. No squid.

Last time the winner made a necklace I would have loved to wear home. She got the $100 gift certificate and a trophy I made myself. This time the prizes are similar, plus everyone gets really swanky Iron Crafter II tee shirts with the Panopolie logo. The contest is on Superbowl Sunday, which is good 'cause what else would you do all day? Watch the pre-game show? Drink? Eat nachos? Nah.