Saturday, January 27, 2007

Susan Lenart Kazmer retreat photos

The Susan Lenart Kazmer retreat was fabulous. I was insanely jealous of all the folks who got to spend three days making a Tremendous Mess out of our classrooms. Here is Nathalie working at her spot. Most folks left the retreat with either a finished piece of jewelry (or two) or many, many parts and ideas.
Here are Lauren and Merideth hard at work. Lauren was determined to make something to wear home and she succeeded. She may never touch polymer clay again! Meridith is one of the funkiest and creative people I know and she was in good company that weekend!

Here is a group looking at the final work. Susan is the second from the right. She likes to do a sort of show-and-tell at the end of her workshops and everyone really appreciated the opportunity to look over their work and hear the group's comments. Pat, in the lavender, was showing off her patinas.
Here is Susan showing off her 'not a cake pan' soldering gig. She kept everyone at full attention for the entire weekend...I hope she wasn't exhausted when she got home!
We love to have special instructors like this at our stores. It is fun for the folks that take the class and really great for the staff who can participate. Ndidi and Nathalie both have gained lots of knowledge about jewelry construction and they had a great time, too! Now we just have to get Susan to come back for a longer retreat!