Saturday, January 20, 2007

Slumber Party Fun

Wow, I think that was the best slumber party yet! We had a great time, the food was good, the classes were fun and everyone went home (late!) very happy. We had a Felt themed party and so the classes were all about felt; felted fairy dolls, felt and bead bracelet, felt flower pin and even a demo of a cool machine felter. Well, the demo was REALLY cool as I went home with a machine felter (thanks, Mom!) and even an embellished tote bag.
The food was great as usual. Tracey always picks it out and she strikes just the right balance between healthy (like a veggie tray) and all-out yum (like fudge.) Libby always tastes everything, just to check. We also get wine, which I picked out this time so it was extra good. Mollie tested that for me.

I taught a class on making felt fairy dolls and the ladies all seemed to have fun, especially as they got their aggressions out on the wool. Those aren't voodoo dolls, they are the beginnings of fairies and the dry felting needles are being used to felt the wool roving onto the pipe cleaner bodies.