Sunday, March 18, 2007

the bead show

Here we are at the Bead Mercantile show. They tried to give us the worst spot in the place along the back wall and we made it the best. I created a display that Tracey called "Drunk Colorblind Gypsies" or something similar and it included a parasol on a 12 foot bamboo pole. Yeah, go ahead, put me in the w-a-a-a-y back of the hall! You could still see our booth from the front door.

We brought a selection of chain and some findings, but not many. I was amazed at the fact that we were one of the few vendors who had findings and chain.

Here is my husband and chief technical guy getting our wireless modem thingy unhooked at the end of the show. That short helper of his was really great!
Everyone who helped out with the show did a great job. Thanks to Tracy for excellent set up and break down assistance, and to Jane for coming in early to finish us up and pulling double duty. Thanks to Tracey and Libby and Ndidi and Manda and Sandy and Megan for handling the crowds and the very persnickety beeping cash register! You folks all did a great job!