Friday, March 23, 2007

free beads

I get them all the time. Samples, really. Folks send me things they think are the next great bead and want me to order them. I sometimes (rarely) do order them or at least call for the catalog. More often I give them to someone in the shop. If I come up to you and say, hey, do you want eleven plastic train beads? you'll know I just opened my mail.

I think it is a good idea, by the way, to send samples. Not cause I like the free swag, but because it does work. I have bought soap, lip balms, tote bags, beads and more because someone sent me a package. I do like the freebies, by the way.

Today I got this gem:It's cute, really, a little cobalt glass lizard with a bit of dichroic flash and a cute little tail.

The problem is just that it isn't for the stores. We don't sell beads like this because, well, for us they don't sell. I don't want to send it back, the letter that accompanied it said to keep it as a gift. Cobalt blue doesn't do anything for me.

Do you want it? Email me with your best idea to use it (it is a focal bead with a ring at each end) and I will give it to the person with the best suggestion. It's too heavy for an earring, by the way.