Monday, March 26, 2007

felting celebrity! not!

I just finished an interview with Marci Smith-Rice from the News & Observer. She is doing an article on felting and wanted to interview me and photograph me felting. I showed her how to do a dry felted flower pin last week and this week showed her how to do some wet felting. It was very nice as the flower pin I made while she was watching turned out to be my best one yet. I will be teaching a class in making those flowers at Panopolie this summer, so I have been making lots of them but it was nice to have the one I worked on with an audience (of one) turn out so well. You never know how that will work, sometimes I am so addled when I am being watched by one person, suddenly I can't find the hole in a bead. I don't get that way when I teach a group, just when I have one person watching me. I bet that is some kind of extra level of neurosis, huh?
Anyway, watch the paper for the article, should be in this weekend on Saturday, I think.