Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Art And Soul in VA

Ohh, I so wish I was going to Art And Soul this year in Hampton, VA. It's almost a week of classes and workshops in paper crafts, jewelry making, collage, painting and more. So far, Jean, Linda, Miriam, Julia, Orla, Amy, Kristen and more friends are going. I wish I was going to be with them.

When I went almost two years ago I really had a great time and did recharge my creative batteries and make some great art. I enjoyed getting away and it felt oh-so-luxurious to pack my bags with all my favorite crafty goodies and know I would be just making art for a few days. I can't go now because my tiny girl, Nora, is way more important at ten months than all those (tempting) crafty classes. The beads will wait.

Many folks are participating in a Charm Swap with other A&S attendees. These swaps are a big thing lately, I have friends who are participating in two or three at a time for charms, books, zines, you name it. I just don't allow myself to commit to these right now as they'd add stress to my day. I like the idea as I do work better under a deadline, so participating in a charm swap, for instance, would make me make some charms. But on the other hand, I get so little sleep as it is.

Jane does want to do a charm swap at the store, maybe we'll get that going later this year...