Monday, April 09, 2007

new 7gypsies stuff!

Oh, we got a box last week from our fabulous UPS guy, Robbie, that made us all so happy. It was the newest releases from 7gypsies. This is a scrapbook supplies company that really makes me happy. In the first place, they are a family business (I like that!) and in the second place we see so much potential in all their trinkets for jewelry and other adornments. There isn't a Mickey Mouse to be seen, its all just papers so lovely you want to make a skirt out of them, and nifty metal do-hickeys you want to add to books or put in earrings or these crystal doorknobs that look like fabulous BEADS to me!These books are great too, I know you could easily make this simple binding but for less than $6 you can have it done and have more time to decorate. I wonder if the gals at Panopolie got all the new items out yet? There are new papers, many new books, stamps and stickers, too.

I have been trying to make small books with photos of Nora and Cleo in them as I can. I don't think I will ever be able to make a big, all encompassing Year In The Life book as I just can't find the time or attention span to do it. But a book about yesterday's bath? Got it! I can do that. One about making granola? Sure. Basically if it's ten pages or less and I can print the pics in five minutes with no photo-shopping (we're all about journalistic integrity in our house-and lazy!)I can do it.

Anyhow, I will probably get a few of these new blank books to use for my mini-albums. As I said before, we get all excited when we see new items from this company. We see loads of paper craft and scrapbook stuff here but generally I don't love it and don't order it. Sometimes the paper quality is poor or the images are too same-old, same-old for me. For pete's sake, every Hallmark in the world has scrapbooking stuff, I want us to have something different.