Monday, May 14, 2007

The Book

I am writing a book.

Really. I can't believe it but it's true. The book will be called Beading With Filigree and it will be part of a beading series that is published by Lark Press. They are one of my favorite craft publishers, their books look great and (in our stores) sell really well, too. I will be creating (coff-coff) 40-42 new filigree projects, writing instructions for all, writing a chapter on how-tos, and and on how to organize a work space and writing a chapter on basic techniques. So far, we have picked 11 (or 13, I can't remember) projects so that only leaves 27-29 to go.

I am pretty excited about this, but also kind of nervous. Not about designing the jewelry, I can do that I think, but about making it all look good. My editor (that's pretty cool to type that, huh? my editor...) will keep me on track, so I won't be able to get off schedule, and hopefully she'll help me bring it all together, as well. My family wanted to know if there would be a book tour, which, I think there won't unless I do a signing at both stores (Ornamentea and Panopolie) and then the drive between them would be the book tour.

The book is due out in early 2008. To make this possible I have to have EVERYTHING to them by September. Projects, chapters, all photos taken, all corrections made. Everything.

So, I gotta get to work. The first deadline is May 30th. Yikes!