Thursday, May 10, 2007

My List...

just went out the window today. We were going to go to the LEAF festival in the mountains and visit with friends and listen to great music this weekend. We are so far behind (both I and my hubby) that we are about 99% sure we can't do that. We think we are going to tackle our to-do's instead. So you'd think I'd be to-do-ing this afternoon, but it was so nice and we ended up playing in a dish of water in the yard, eating applesauce popsicles and tossing tiny rocks in the frog pond.

Things I SHOULD have done today:

Worked on the book (outline, due May 30th!)
Answered my emails (38 and counting as of 3:44 pm!)
Weeded the yard (Chicken tour, 1,000 people in my garden next Saturday!)
Cleaned out the chicken coop (see above!)
Moved some hostas so the new fish pond doesn't look un-done (see above!)
Laundry (we are seriously in danger of choosing between nudity or dirty clothes!)
Cleaned off the studio table so that I could easily make jewelry
Sorted my mail
Finished an ad I promised to a publication a week ago (they will wait if they want your money!)
Finished a felting project I promised to a publication two months ago (not due for 10 days, so what's the rush?)
Gone to the thrift store to find some handles for the new tote bag I am working on.

So, hmm, would you like an applesauce popsicle?