Friday, May 25, 2007

Charming Slumber Party June 1st!

We are having a beady slumber party at Panopolie on June 1st and these are two of the projects that you can make as you bead in your jammies! I am really looking forward to this one, I love the tiny fabric charms especially.
I have some friends who have participated in charm swaps, where you make multiples of a charm and swap with a group of people. You get a variety of new charms and can see many new styles of charms. I find this so interesting, but can't do it right now as my time is limited. I am not only interested in GETTING a variety of new charms, but in the idea of sitting and making 20 of the same thing. I envision a late night, peace in the house, soft radio playing (maybe a channel?) and just the right amount of chocolate and tea to keep me going...ahh. Heaven.
So I will see you at the slumber party...won't I?