Monday, May 28, 2007

Projects in Stringing this issue!

I have a project in the newest issue of Stringing Magazine. It is a necklace that I love and wear a lot, so it is kinda weird to see it in the magazine. Elaine Ray made the center beads and she also has a piece in the magazine that uses her tangle pendant.

Last year, 2006, before Nora was born I decided that I would try to submit one thing for publication each month. Well, that didn't quite work out. I submitted one before she was born in May (she'll be one on Thursday) and then quit. I did get the book project started in November, so maybe that counts? This year I have done way better with my 2006 New Year's Resolution. Let me repeat that. I have done much better with my 2006 New Year's Resolution in 2007. That just made me laugh out loud which distracted Nora from her lunch of blueberries and crackers.

For another laugh check out my contributor's photo on the Stringing website. That's Cleo behind me!