Thursday, June 07, 2007

t shirt surgery...

Maybe you are or are not aware of the whole Wardrobe Refashion trend...basically it's taking items you own and remaking them, or thrift store purchases that you turn into way cooler items. It's so amazingly interesting to me, even though my ideas and desires far outstrip my talents to accomplish them OR my time to see them to reality. My not-quite-cool shirts and skirts just get worn as-is, most of the time, but I have a giant shelf of items that will be sooo much better with a nip and tuck here or there.

Well, Libby at Panopolie is really making me want to dig into that pile of tee shirts. She has altered a few lately and she keeps sending me links to places like T-shirt Surgery and this article from San Francisco that make me drool.
Check out the above how-to if you are ready to cut and sew your way to fashion joy!