Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ATC swaps

Check out this lovely house ATC from my friend Julia. Her cards are among my favorite, I am looking at three of them right now tucked in the frame of a mirror that hangs above my desk. We have swapped cards a bit, not as much as I'd like come to think of it.

Are you looking for some new ATC swaps? You probably already know about this resource, but just in case, check out as they have new swaps posted weekly. I can't get it together for a swap right now, but I love looking at the posted cards for inspiration.

(Actually, my friend Elizabeth has given me a year long project with a deck of cards. I have to make one ATC per week for a year. Cripes, she even put them into a nice cigar box I will have to decorate when it's all done. I 'sort of' have a theme but I may not be able to stick to it for a year. That would look sort of weird, though, to have, say, 23 weeks of one theme and then just general chaos. Hmm, maybe I will just keep to my theme. It's a nice diversion, and since it is an assignment from Elizabeth, I have to let myself do it.)

Thanks to Judy for turning me on to the ATC Cards site...and thanks to Julia for that stolen image above...