Monday, July 23, 2007

Putting Stuff on Sale

Ok, so if you own a store you are not supposed to fall in love with your merchandise. You should be dispassionate. Buy what you love, but stock what sells. Don't reorder dogs just to keep 'em barking.

But it's hard.

Cause sometimes you think, gee, that's a nice thing. Those beads are pretty. That tool works well. That wire will be just right for someone. So you string along, just letting that slow mover take up space on the recliner, hogging the remote control, not really ever doing it's fair share of chores around the place.

Then one day you realize it is time for a change. You aren't getting any younger, after all. You deserve better. Maybe it's that article you read in Women's Day while you were waiting for your dentist (20 Signs Your Relationship is Going Nowhere) or maybe it's just that you met some new merchandise. Something more sparkly. Something that looks like it won't just collect dust. Something that makes your heart beat a little faster.

So you mark the old stuff down. Pack it's bags and tell it to get lost. Throw out that dented recliner and take back the remote. Or, in my case, put it on sale at a huge discount and see if you can't get it to go home with someone else.

On sale now:
Sterling Plated Beadalon Memory Wire in rings, necklaces, bracelet sizes
Lots of Beadalon stringing material
Scrimps (those screw in crimps from Beadalon)
Painted wooden beads (very souvenier shop in case someone didn't get to travel this summer, I guess)

Looking at the first three, you would think, gee, is the Beadalon saleman really cute? Well, no, actually. I don't know how I get snockered into buying so much of those items. Maybe it really was love.