Tuesday, July 31, 2007

busy week

Not a lot of posts lately. It's been busy here. We had a bead show this last weekend (Jane's Mercantile) and other than the lady who yells "TIME TO GO" at the end of the day it was a good show. We got set up quickly on Friday, we had a good crowd on Saturday and on Sunday I got to walk around the show and look at all the pretties.

I have also been focusing, or trying to focus, on the book. I am in the writing up all the directions and making all the samples part of the book-writing-process. It's time consuming and frankly, not as much fun as the making up all the projects part of the process. I am really going to hit it hard this week and next, staying up late every night to get the stuff made and the photos taken and the directions written. I need to get it done. I have to concentrate on my other job, the stores. If I worked for me, I would fire me right now. Lucky for me, I don't.

Heh heh.