Thursday, July 05, 2007

Decopatch - ed!

Hey-the folks at Decopatch are looking for projects to put in their idea blog and so I sent them info about my lamp and Mollie's truck. Maybe you forgot that we actually covered a truck in decopatch paper? Well, guess what? They already put it in the blog last year and I missed it. The lamp is there and so is the truck.

Well, if you have any projects you want to send them, do. Let them know that I told you about it and that you got your papers from us. We sell the papers only at Panopolie and on line at We'd love to have them in Ornamentea as well, but as you know the floor space there is VERY tight. Somehow, we have to figure out how to make it a bit bigger...hmm. I will have to sleep on that maybe.

It is always a struggle with a store the size of Ornamentea. We want/need to add new items but it can be difficult to find homes for all of them. I used to just order it and find a place to put it later but that REALLY makes certain staff members crazy so I am trying really hard to be less nutty. That's a whole other transition, you know, going from do-whatever-you-want-whenever-you-want-entrepreneurship to a more organized, responsible-and-not-annoying management style. I can't really say that I have made the transition. I mean, we have sales reports and I do sometimes look at them but I don't know if I spend much time making decisions BASED on them. I do try to stay out of folks way when they are working but I know that I don't succeed in that at all. I try really hard not to just jump in and unpack a box of new items when it arrives without at least asking. I don't usually steal folks pens anymore. Does effort count?