Monday, August 06, 2007

new items headed to the platers

We have to have a lot of the fabulous items we sell plated before we sell them. They arrive mostly made of brass and we like to spruce them up by plating them with copper or gunmetal or just antiquing and sealing the here we are sorting the plating out in the various bins per finish. We do it by the pound and pay per full pound.

So I never want to send 12.2 lbs. and pay for 13.

These fabulous Swarovski crystal rhinestone balls will be plated and back soon, I love these and put them in just about anything I can. Hmm, maybe I should use some in a project for the book?

This business of getting a plating order ready is kind of fiddly, but I enjoy it. If I get to do it I often will throw a few things in for fun that we don't usually get plated in a certain finish. This drives the other folks at work nuts, I think. They want to know will we always have the item in that finish (maybe) and if the price is the same as the usual price (sometimes) and do they need a special code (nah) or will it be stocked with the unplated version (huh?)

I love to make 'em crazy.