Thursday, September 20, 2007

book projects getting finalized...

The saga of the book continues. The projects are almost all completed and I have to admit, they look pretty good. I made many new designs and updated many 'old' designs from my Bedizen Ornaments days. It was getting confusing as we had a few different names for several of the projects and I couldn't tell if I had 52 or 29 projects (are earrings and a necklace one project or two?) So finally I made a spreadsheet to get all the projects for the book organized. I am not really a spreadsheet type, but sometimes it is helpful to get it all typed out. Plus an excel file is way more impressive to an editor than a sheet from your Rhodia pad, no matter how many different colors of pen you use to write on the graph paper.

This is a detail of one of the projects. We will have this filigree in the stores really soon, it's one of my favorite shapes and very versatile. I will be up late tonight finishing up a project that is new to the book; copper with a verdigris finish on the metal. It is rainy and I am anticipating a bit of late night crafting on the porch, listening to the rain. Nice.