Monday, September 24, 2007

new leafy beads

We got in these leafy beads this last week and Pam made up a pair of earrings with them...nice and fall-ish. Now if only the weather would get the hint.

I grew up in Ohio. In September it's not exactly winter yet, but you can wear tights. And sleeves. I have been in North Carolina for twelve (almost 13!) years and was in Texas for 3 years before that. You would think after 16 years I would be used to the idea that fall doesn't really start until October. I am not. I cherish the teeniest hint of a bit of chill in the air and look longingly at my favorite corduroy skirt and closed-toe shoes all month long this time of year. Right now I am just making fall-ish jewelry. A browns and silver chicken necklace, a few pins, some beady bangles in fall-ish shades. And now these leaves, I am thinking a pair of light-weight earrings accented with those Green Girl acorn buttons we have, or maybe a pin with a wreath of leaves.