Wednesday, September 26, 2007

tiny people alert!

Ok, run, do not walk, to Askew Taylor on Glenwood Avenue and get yourself some tiny people. They are available in several styles - men, women, walking, groups - and they are fabulous. I know, you are saying 'Gee, Cynthia, what the h*ll will I do with these tiny people?' Well, dear friend, I will tell you. You can embed them in or Amazing Glaze or even EnviroTex. Those resins will make a tiny home for your tiny people. I have these five fab business ladies...I am thinking of making them a tiny microphone and having them be a girl group miniature. Or maybe I will paint teeny red suits on them! Oh, I am excited. As soon as I get the final stuff back to the editors this week I will play with my new, tiny friends. They were photographed on a sheet from my Rhodia pad and so you can see that they are all less than an inch tall. This is the package -my new entourage cost me under $9. That's less than two lattes. What a deal. If you haven't been to Askew Taylor, well, go. It's the world's most cluttered art supply store so you are constantly finding items such as this. Well, actually I found these because my friend, Mary, pointed them out, but you'd find them because you were just looking for a glue stick or something. They have paint, paper, canvas, brushes, model airplanes,balsa wood, boat varnish, teeny tiny people, you name it.

Oh, I am sorry that the last pic is turned on it's side. I tried and tried to get it to stay rotated but even though I would rotate it in iphoto it didn't stay rotated. I know, I could just ask my husband and I.T. guy but then he'd just poke around and figure it out. I will figure it out later, myself. That way I won't interrupt The Daily Show and someday when he has this problem I will say, oh, yeah, this is how you fix that. I like to impress him every once in a while and it's kinda hard to do so this is my big chance. For some reason, he won't be impressed by a pendant with a teeny tiny girl group in it.