Tuesday, October 02, 2007

We're on Rhodia Drive!

Check it out, we are on the side bar of the Rhodia Drive blog . This blog is devoted to folks who love Rhodia pads and what they do with them. I have to admit, the paper is addictive-so smooth-and the pads are both modern and clean and slightly retro at the same time. My large graph paper pad has been my saving grace with the book, I used it to sketch out ideas, to keep notes and even to photograph the in-process photos for the illustrators (the grid helps me to visually measure and lay items out where I want them.) I have a 'Destroy this Rhodia' project going (mentally) right now as I am going to do a bit of altering to my pad when I get a break from the book work. Yes, I will post the pics and how-tos here for you.

So, visit the Rhodia blog. My favorite is the pics of what folks carry in their bags/purses/tool boxes.