Sunday, September 02, 2007

free class went well

Ahh, so I taught a free class on Friday night. We have a free class once a month and I used to teach it all the time but this is the first one I have taught since Nora was born. It was fun, I taught a project from the book and used the directions. The folks that signed up were brave, they had no idea what the project was as I can't show photos of the book projects yet...Everyone's project looked pretty good. It was a bracelet with dapped filigree and a cabochon set into the filigree. I went home and made a few changes to the directions based on the input from Nancy and Elizabeth and other folks in the class.
If you have your own store, I recommend teaching a free class every now and then. I get a different group in the class than our usual registrants. Some take it 'cause it's free, some like the idea of a 'surprise' class (we don't announce the free classes with much lead time at all so you have to register QUICK!) and some folks will come out just because I call them and talk them into it. Not matter what, it's a fun way to spend a Friday night.
These pics are of Nora offering me some assistance today on the book. As you can see, she is already eager to bead.