Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fabulous Felted Pillows

Look at all these fabulous pillows that folks made last week at the Panopolie Slumber Party. They used the felt sheets that we have in a million colors and patterns and felted their own adornments onto them. This is fun and easy-peasy. I can see many, many folks on my holiday list getting felt pillows!The rabbit below was made using a big, rabbit-shaped cookie cutter as a form. Just pile the roving inside the cookie cutter and use a felting needle to felt it to the wool sheet. The pine and the hand were made the same way, I am pretty sure. They used the three needle dry felting tool for the images and the Japanese five needle tool for finishing the pillow itself. That is quick, too, just felt around three sides to make a pocket, fill it with fiberfill and then felt it closed!

I wasn't able to come to this slumber party and I think I may have missed the best one yet. Don't worry, I will be at the next one..

NOTE: as of 12/20/2008 we no longer sell these felt sheets. Sorry, they were swell but we had to import them in giant quantities from the Kingdom of Nepal and they just didn't sell very well. We no longer have any in stock. Try sheet felt from high-quality upholstery stores.