Sunday, December 16, 2007

gifts for the crafty...

These gifts are not handmade, but will be good for the folks on your list who like to make things by hand.

lovely stamps for adding numbers and that cool pointy hand symbol to their work...

the two-hole punch for making holes in anything metal. It also looks cool and industrial sticking out of a stocking!

a rhodia pad for keeping track of all their fabulous ideas (I like the large graph-paper one!)

Another favorite gift for the crafty that I like is the colorful inspiration gift bag or box. Just go around your own studio and put together a collection of items you aren't using or craft materials you didn't end up falling in love with after all. Choose items in your buddy's favorite color to make the grouping look good. Put them all in a nice container like a tin suitcase or even a wooden cigar box and tie them with a lovely ribbon. Voila! Less clutter for you and your friend will have loads of fun with her new crafty goodies.