Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Living Crafts

Oh, I love this new magazine. My crafty friend Nancy put it under my arm the other night as we were about to sit down for a rare Mom-friend dinner out (it was at the Whole Foods salad bar, but no one was going to eat my food but me, so it was still pretty nice.) I had heard of the magazine a while ago but frankly, had been underwhelmed by their website and had sort of ignored the very nice letter from their promo folks asking us to carry the magazine or advertise in it. Well, now that I have seen it I am definitely going to carry it. The projects were all great, with a real focus on crafting projects using safe, natural materials.

There is a felted play mat in there that made me drool. I am going to see if Santa can get his *&#@ together to bring one to my girls. It had a stream and a bridge and mountains and paths. Imagine some little goats made of felt so that my girls could act out the Three Goats story they love (our version has sister goats, so they aren't Billies, girl goats have horns, too.)There was no picture of the felted play mat on the website, so I couldn't steal it for you to see.

You can look for this magazine in the stores SOON. I have to get my own copy as Nancy is a good friend but not the type to give you her brand new magazine for more than a browse.

(Why were we having dinner out? I am taking a knitting class. Cripes, am I crazy? The answer to that is yes! Look for a blog post when I finally finish the socks we are making in the class. Yes, I hyperventilated while I was knitting. I literally had an out-of-body experience when the yarn started to obey. More later...)