Friday, February 29, 2008

Steampunk Lovelies and this week's project

We just refreshed the front of the page and it is all filled with steampunky goodness...well, I say 'we' but I really mean 'Sandy' as I don't do any of the webby stuff. We have even collected all our mechanical, vintage-y goodies on one page for enjoyment, see Sandy's lovely work here.

To make this fabulous watch parts charm bracelet you will need
4 antique brass round cabochon settings, 25 mm
antique brass box chain, 7 inches
1 antique brass lobster claw clasp, 6x9mm
6 small jump rings (I used 5 mm round)
1 larger jump ring (I used a 9mm round)
a few watch parts
glitter (I suggest some Rare Metals glitter but you could use fine mica, too.)
5 filigree drops (I suggest these but you could use others or mix them up.)
Diamond Glaze

2 chain nose pliers
waxed paper or scrap paper for work surface

Resist the urge to shake your Diamond Glaze. This fills the resin with air bubbles. If you do accidentally shake the bottle, allow it to rest overnight and the bubbles will rise to the surface.

1. Lay the bezels out on a sheet of waxed paper. Coat the inside of the front of each of the bezels with a very thin layer of Diamond Glaze. Sprinkle the glitter onto the wet Diamond Glaze. Extra glitter will shake off later, don't worry about it now. Using tweezers place the watch parts inside the bezels. Set aside and allow to dry for at least one hour.

2. Carefully apply a second layer of Diamond Glaze over the glitter and watch parts. If you notice air bubbles and they bother you, simply pop them with a pin. Allow this second coat of resin to dry overnight.

3. Lay out your chain and the charm dangles and note where you will attach the dangles to the chain. With your chain nose pliers carefully open a 5 mm jump ring. Thread it through the loop on one of the filigree dangles and attach it to the chain. Close carefully. Repeat to attach all the filigree dangles and the cabochon settings.

4. With your chain nose pliers open the remaining 5 mm jump ring and thread it through the lobster claw and the end link of the chain. Close securely. Repeat with the 9mm jump ring to finish the bracelet.

Add beads or other charms, or use charms instead of watch parts in the cabochon settings. Don't be afraid to mix metals; try a sterling chain bracelet and a mix of antique brass and copper dangles. Or try adding bits of ribbon or fabric in between the charms for a fuller look like this charm bracelet.
And thanks to the folks who emailed or commented to let me know this bracelet was designed by the lovely Emily. I nicked the photo from our website and for some reason, we couldn't find one with a person's name attached. Voila, mystery solved! Merci to all you eagle eyed folks!