Monday, March 17, 2008

Breaking down at the Bead Show

We did the Jane's Fiber and Bead show here in Raleigh this weekend. We had a great time, with our usual crazy booth with the parasols way up in the air and mix-matched table skirts. We handed out 325 cloth tote bags to show attendees and I met a bunch of beadfreaks who wore their shirts. It was really fun. Nora and Cleo helped us set up on Saturday and came for the break down too. In response to the many folks who have emailed me or told me they want to see 'more Nora' I am posting a couple of pictures of her today. Got that, Shirley? Here is a photo of Nora really enjoying a giant cookie (vegan, she can't do butter) and then there's another one of her saying "car inside, car inside!" as she watched one of the other vendors drive their van in to load up. That was probably her favorite part. Wait, no, the cookie was her favorite part.

Why are we handing out cloth tote bags? Well, I realized last year that I could take a bit of the money we were spending on display advertising in the national publications and put it toward these tote bags instead. The bags go to beaders or crafters and are just perfect to fold up and keep in your purse. They'll replace disposable bags and are a great reminder of your favorite hobby (and favorite bead store!)Really, the big magazines won't miss my little ads every now and then and the folks who get the totes do seem to appreciate them. I have seen them in use at the library and the grocery store, so I know they are getting used.

The one thing about the bead shows that really makes me scratch my head is that I always hear folks saying "I didn't know there was a bead store in Raleigh." Huh? You took the time to come to a bead show and you haven't, say, opened a phone book and looked under 'beads' yet? That confuses me. Do folks really say, "Oh, bead show in town, I haven't ever thought of beads until just this minute. Here I go!" Do they?