Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ceramic Connections class on Friday

I am teaching a class on Friday night that I am really looking forward to. While the name is not good the class should be. Ceramic Connections sounds like a public-access talk show about collectible figurines. Sorry. I named it in early in the morning with not-enough-coffee brain.

The class will be fun, though, no matter the name. We'll play with several types of stringing materials and explore a few ways to put together larger holed beads. Hence the 'ceramic.' I love to teach really open-ended classes like this where everyone will make a different project. Plus it's a Friday night so we'll have wine and snacks. Can't beat that, huh?

Elaine Ray will be holding a trunk show on Friday and Saturday, so I will be all stocked up on new ceramic beads and I am hoping that I will get to make something of my own Friday night. That is provided the class attendees don't get too crazy with the wine and need lots of bead holding.

Want to register? Call Ornamentea at 919-834-6260. You'll get a bag with yards of silk, leather, linen and more to play with...