Sunday, March 09, 2008

Charm Swap!

We did our staff charm swap this last week with almost all the staff of both stores participating. We sorted them out and mixed them up between the stores so folks had a great assortment. We labeled a bin with each person's name and the number of charms they contributed so that we could make sure they got the right number in exchange. We all spent a long time looking through our charms and comparing was like a group of kids going over their loot after trick-or-treat!
Highlights included teeny gem-adorned hangers from Tracey, tiny metal puzzle pieces from Tiffany and Janet and Kathy's beaded dangles. My husband even participated with charms filled with numbers and letters. He's the 'number guy' at the shops so that was appropriate. I am pretty sure this was his first charm swap. Lois created charms using ephemera she picked up on her trip to Budapest, Mary tied tiny gnomes to the railroad tracks and Ndidi made cherry bombs with alcohol inks and tiny spherical lockets. There were key chain charms, resin charms, painted Monopoly piece charms and more. I love them all.
We'll be doing this with customers in our Raleigh stores this spring. I can hardly wait to see what everyone comes up with. This is a shot showing a lot of the interesting packaging that folks used. I hated to open some of them. The tiny books, little sewn bags and hand made envelopes made the contents even better.