Friday, April 11, 2008

Slide Frames are back! Import woes...

So we sell these great slide frames and glass from Ranger. They are easy, you just make your collage and put it between two pieces of glass then open the frame and slide the whole kit and caboodle into the frame. Voila! Instant gift with cute picture or pithy saying. What's not to love?

Last year the folks at Ranger hit a big snag with these. The frames are manufactured overseas at one factory and the glass at another. When the product was ready to ship here to the US the last minute quality check revealed that the glass and frames didn't match up. Oops. The Ranger folks didn't import any of it since you generally need both parts to match. We had lots of sad people wanting these, especially last Christmas (they make great ornaments.) The products were featured in several craft magazines and the few stores that had any sold out. We had only a few empty frames left with no glass to fit in them. That is a big problem with importing, often the items have to be ordered really far in advance and when you aren't there, day to day, to check on quality you never really know. The folks at Ranger were sad, I am sure, to loose all those orders for this items last holiday season. They resolved their manufacturing problems and the frames and glass fit (I know, I checked!)

So the frames and glass are back. Wahoo! see them at both stores or at