Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New dress, makes me happy

Ok, yes, I know I shouldn't be just thrilled by a new frock. It's not 1954 and I am not Blondie Bumstead. BUT I went out and bought myself a new dress last week as a present for, uh, well, just because. I went into one of my favorite stores, Galatea* and tried on a million things and loved the dress but really, probably wouldn't have purchased it. It was so bright and blue. Then, somehow, tiny Nora puts the dress on and walks around the store while I am trying on other items. Now, I couldn't not buy it, what with her practically mopping the floor, could I?

So, thanks Nora. I owe you one. So far I have worn this dress three times and once my sweet hubby accidentally put it in the dryer. It came out unscathed! No shrinkage!

I look JUST LIKE THIS in this dress. Seriously.

*I like Galatea because I used to work for Cheryl AND because they have a store with a difficult-to-pronounce-name just like me AND because their clothes are cute and sorta trendy but don't make me look like I am trying to be 23.