Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cleaning off the studio table

This is what my studio table looks like today. 9:15 a.m. I am going to excavate the wooden surface somewhere below all that crafty goodness TODAY. I am packing for our annual week-long cabin trip where I always take way, way too much in the way of craft supplies. This year I am planning on taking:

*journalling and book arts supplies to work on our vacation journal
*crochet hooks and yarn to help Cleo with her crocheting
*embroidery floss and a few garments that could use a patch or decoration to spruce them up (but no sewing machine or embellishing machine, do you see the restraint I am practicing?)
*wool roving and pipe cleaners and beads and ribbon to make felt fairies (oh, and I have to pop by the store and get a bunch of replacement needles for the felting tools, too since I will be teaching new felters to use them)

I know I will drop a few more items into the box as I am packing. Actually, just now as I am typing this Cleo and Nora are going through the markers making a can of 'going on vacation' markers. Ok, so add paper and children's scissors and a few glue sticks...

Anyway, look for a post tomorrow with the CLEANED OFF table. I may add a few pics of some of the other attractive areas in my studio as a treat.