Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Desk is Clean! Let's get to work!

Voila! Here it is, the cleaned off desk. I found homes for all the bits and parts I had been just tossing on the desk and rolled up all the ribbon and filed all the paper sheets in their appropriate spot based on color or my whim. I even found a few goodies that I purchased on etsy from Blissful Provisions ages then I decided to search out Beth Quinn from Blissful Provisions and I see she teaches at the Blissful Living Studio in Arizona. Wowee. Those folks are new e-friends of mine! It is a small, small crafty world, especially when you finally clean up your studio...

Now I have to figure out what I am going to make with those mix-matched doll parts I got from Beth...Cleo has already nicked a few of the vintage alphabet cards for using in our vacation journal. She was pretty helpful today during the Great American Studio Clean Out...she wound wool roving, sorted beads and made several cups of lemon tea with her tea set. The amount of tea in those teeny cups really leaves one a bit parched.

We are off for our week long vacation on Monday. I will do the last bit of packing tomorrow. We are not minimalists when we travel like this. I aspire to be a bit Victorian and drag my creature comforts with me on a trip. We rent this sweet little rustic cabin with wood paneling and windows all around. The kitchen is tiny and there is a bathroom that reminds me of my parent's Coachmen motorhome, a la 1977. We bring a giant kilim rug, tablecloths, a lamp, a million baskets of shoes and swimming suits and the aforementioned craft supplies (it might rain! we also craft in the woods!)and all sorts of treats. We don't bring furniture-we just tough it out with the antique This End Up/State University Dorm Room sofa and beds that come with the place, but don't you think that I don't spend a good bit of time thinking how nice the place would look if I could just get a few truck loads of flea-market furniture in there for a cabin makeover. My husband reminds me that if the cabin looked that nice, we wouldn't be able to rent it!

So do go visit Beth and see her fabulous work and read her blog. She has great bits and pieces on etsy, too, if you need a left arm and a right leg and a bigger right leg with a shoe, but not from the same doll.

(and a big raspberry to all of you, including Kiona, who think I NEED a messy desk to work!)